Disclamer: The site is built on a free platform, so the anchor links are ugly.
Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Tilda, custom CSS.
Event's landing page Airline Network Development 2022

Minimalist and neat styling. Photos from the organizer’s real events. Simple real-world site design
Difficulties: read the story about this work. Also I changed the css for the templates cover and buttons.
ATO COMM corporate website — business event organizer.

Animated cover and event calendar.
Goals. Show the calendar of events. Show that the company is trustworthy, attract sponsors.

Difficulties. Each event poster is a template element of the Tilda constructor — due to a lot of css it is highly modified. The poster could be implemented with a zero-block, but it would be difficult to update later.
Tools: Figma
Food recipe app for Uprock: figma.com/…
The goal of the app: to help cook the meal.

UX: briefing, audience research, User Flow, CJM, functional analysis, competitive analysis, entity table, service structure, functional prototype.
UI: visual concept, design system, layout finalization, User Flow animation and testing, handing over the design to developers, specification.

Difficulties: a minor feature of the app is the ability to publish your own recipe. It took a lot of effort to design this.
Graphic design and logos
Brochure with marketing proposals
Branding of various events
Working with images and text. Analyzing and editing text to match goals. Tools: Indesign
Layout of schedules and brochures
Brochure for a language school
Pocket magazine and tabloid layout
Design of a magazine for woodworking enthusiasts

My name is Nikita Kachaev. I am a multimedia designer: I create websites, web banners, flyers, magazines, ads and large format banners. I can make up a product from nothing or make the translated version of the English catalog.

I know the technology
Worked in printing, so I know the specifics of printing. Worked at a newspaper for three years, so I make the layout quickly and know the methods of ordinary and specific color correction.

I fight for usefulness
It is important for me to understand what is the usefulness of the future product. And help the client to see which solutions will be beneficial and which will not. I read the text and improve it.

I respect deadlines
If I start a project, I do not disappear. I have the same motivation as the client to make the work done.
  • I'm currently studying at uprock.school
  • Graduated from the first and second stages of the Gorbunov School. Interface design
  • Graduated from the Shorokh School. Magazine design
  • Akzia newspaper: prize SND29 и SND30 World’s Best-Designed
I love tables, automation, CSS, excel formulas, minimalism
Logo 'graveyard' layout
My favorite of the nerdy ones.
Exhibition scheme
Difficulties: for many years I was disturbed by the uncomfortability of our exhibition schemes. Stands are marked by numbers — you have to check the list to understand which company it is. And a simple solution: to write the name of the company directly on the stands — somehow it was not "allowed"... Because you either have to make name smaller, or you have to go over the edge. But as it turned out, there's nothing wrong with going over the edge. At least in the schemes.
— Why is this calendar so good?
It has no watermarks. It's simple and beautiful. There is almost none like these on the web. And there's a black and white printer version.
Movie theater schedule
Difficulties: to place a huge schedule on the spread of a pocket magazine. Make it convenient and quick to layout.
An ancient but loved project, before the variety of 3D and Imax appeared, it looked cleaner.
Table with aviation statistics

Fragment of the work on the big yearbook.
The goal: to rearrange the awkward tables.
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